One oil doesn’t fit all

It may take some experimenting with Essential Oils to find out which oils and/or blends work best for you and your family.  With so many different oils and blends available and most having multiple benefits, one oil doesn’t match every person’s needs.

Have you noticed that a particular perfume or cologne smells differently on different people?  Have you had excellent results from Tylenol but your spouse gets zero relief from it and has to use Ibuprofen? Well, you may find the same when using Essential Oils.  Each individual response can vary. This can be simply because of our genetic makeup, different health conditions, sensitivities, etc.  We also must remember that the cause of our ailments are different, i.e. one person may be seeking remedies for a stomach ache caused by acid reflux, while another has a stomach ache due to gallbladder problems.

Be patient in your journey, and do your research (from reputable sources) on each oil before use.  I’m here to answer any questions I can and point you towards reputable sources for research!